Sunday, 18 July 2010

St George's Fun Day.

Yup, he's become a bit of an icecream monster, now he knows what the icecream van is for.  (sigh)
Anyway, the Fun Day - brilliant.  A lovely completely free day organised by the local churches, which also included free (soft or tea/coffee) drinks and bbq.  Rye had a marvelous time.  He didn't play on the bouncy castle, which suprised me - seemed intimidated by it.  He did however, have a lovely time playing with the equipment at the school where the funday was held.
Roaring like a lion, inside the wooden wendy house.
Yup, another lolly - mind he lost most of it trying to join the bigger boys playing football.
I spent most of the day nattering to fellow childminder, we met when she took on Rye for me when I first moved down here - and before I gave up my office job. 

A lovely ending to a lovely week.  I hadn't quite realised just how much I needed a break from work.  There's being barely a cross word spoken all week - we've had fun, we've played, had lots of cooperation, and I feel, re-established a strong connection.   Additionally, I feel much more grounded and looking forward to seeing my mindee tomorrow. 

And the coming week promises to be full of activities and fun too.

I am also quite keen to see how using "Playful Parenting" with my mindee pans out.  It's been a wonderful success with Rye, he's been giggling loads, barely a whinge in hearing and when I've asked him to help with various bits he's done so happily.   

I even used it at the park with some older kids - a couple of boys, who are always polite and friendly with me, were picking on a young girl, calling her names - boardering on being racist.  Interestingly, the boy being the worst, has brown skin himself - sort of meditarian colouring, so I'm guessing he's had his far share of taunts.  Toward the end, they were all sat around the park while I pushed Rye on the swings, chatting to me & asking questions about Home Ed, their schools, what schools they hope to go to at secondary level etc.  Nice to see, as the young lass was starting to look quite upset.

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