Saturday, 17 July 2010

Charivari Carnival 2010.

Beautiful sunshine this morning, that by early afternoon had clouded over and looked very much like rain.  But what the heck, we went anyway:
And we had icecream.
We were stood at the side, but Rye was not at all happy with the level of noise and was quite distressed.  So we walked up the Lees and found a bench to sit on - he was much happier then, because he could stand next to me on the bench and cuddle in when the noise felt a bit too much.
I would have liked to follow the carival up the Lees to the bandstand for the music, Rye was of a different opinion.  He'd found his brave to watch this without crying and being upset, so it felt important to honour his firm "no" when I suggested following the carnival.  Maybe next time, eh.

We didn't stay in town much longer, the wind on the Lees was ferocious and really rather chilly.  So we wandered hom.. and of course, the clouds have disappeared again and the sun is shinning.


missking said...

We have stumbled upon this carnival before and really enjoyed it. Shame poor rye was not keen on the noise:(

Joxy said...

Yeah, I'm hoping this passes, because there are many a gig and festival I'd like to take him to. He use to love drums when he was a baby -b ut these days he seems scared of them.