Friday, 22 April 2011

Home Ed Bbq

Sorry no piccy's, too busy have fun.  Had a marvellous time; never seen so many people at the little park across from where I live.
I cleaned like a demon today too, as I knew folks would be popping in to use the loo etc, and a few families came back to mine afterwards to natter some more and enjoy ice cold drinks and the kids had lollies.  Blumming hot, thank goodness for shade.  It feels like the height of summer; although I hear that is all to change next week.

Rye had a wonderful time, and this evening gave me a huge hug, told me he loved me and when could we have bbq again, bless him.  Nothing like buttering mama up, eh.  
All the kids had a marvellous time, and there were a few tears when it was finally time to leave - indeed the adults were quite reluctant too, as we were having such a nice time nattering sat in my back garden, but little ones were definitely showing signs of flagging.

And I am deeply impressed, while cleaning this morning, I moved the suitcase containing mum's dinner service from the kitchen to under my dining table in the lounge.  While we were out nattering in the garden, quite a few of the kids sat in there playing with the tree house I'd put on the table,  and amazingly, none of the service is broken.  I didn't think of it at all, until I walked into the lounge this evening and saw the suitcase under the table, and my heart sank. Tentatively I opened it up, and, like I say, deeply relieved and impressed that no little feet had stood on the suitcase or anything.  So I've now unpacked it all and found places for it all to live.  I even quite like it, I seem to remember it being a lot more pink - but it's not - the design is Indian tree; (similar set)  and it's really rather pretty.  I won't be keeping it for best though - cos then it will never be used and that seems a shame.  I have fond memories of christmases, when mum use to use the service, of us all sat around eating a huge, delicious christmas dinner - and Peter and I trying to eat these ginormous cakes, mum bought from a place that supplied the local pubs and restraurants.  Needless to say we never managed it.

The plan is to use some of the service for roast dinners, feast days in the pagan calendar - and such like.  And I may have to buy a cake stand too, as the set comes with dainty cups and sauces and a fancy teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl.... and surely it would be remiss of me with Rye's education, not to introduce him to "High Tea".  hehehehe.

Right, I'm going to collapse in bed and maybe do a little more crochet..or I might just go straight to sleep; its been a busy day.

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