Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What next?

Typical eh.  Have the laptop two minutes and I get a malware virus from hell.  Vista Security Services 2011, unregistered version - which rewrites the registry and held me to randsom by blocking everything online except the page to "register" the programme - aka steal my card details. 

A mate did point out that while microsoft can be sods, they wouldn't do that, so probably a virus.   Would you believe it, after my anti-everything (lol) software removed the virus, the laptop was still screwed.... managed to find a backdoor to getting online; and bugger me - the virus infected the machine again.

The man that can, has just removed it and sorted the registery out for me... this time for free, normally he charges £59!  Ouch! 

On the upside, lack of laptop has meant extra crochet time and oh yes, I am tantalisingly close to a "Ta-daah" moment.

Oooh, and hasn't it been glorious today.  Lovely and warm, we spent a relaxed morning playing with playdough, and then after lunch we popped to the bank and to pick up the laptop and then onto the park.  Had only planned on staying half hour or so, it was so nice we stayed a couple of hours and came back just in time to have tea before pickup. 

And tomorrow, the beach for a sand castle comp :-)


arwen_tiw said...

I have no words for the laptop troubles. Well, I have a few, but I shall refrain.

I AM, however, looking forwards to that ta-da moment!

Becks said...

Also looking forward to the ta-da!
And as for the virus well - "if you can't say it in front of the children then don't say it at all" shall be my thoughts on that one ;-)

Joxy said...

And I am ridiculously excited at the prospect of showing off my Taa-daaah. hehehehe.

Yes luckily Rye is in bed really quite early these days, so little ears where well away from mama's colourful vexation!