Monday, 11 July 2011

Photo catch up.

We camped in the garden last night, which was ok, the airbeds weren't great tho.  I was comfy enough just by the morning they had deflated quite a bit.  So I've just bought a double self inflating mat, which has great reviews, so the tent will stay up for a few days more and we'll camp out again when it arrives to test out the mat.  Rye asked to camp out again this night, but I have to be up early to tidy up for the cleaners coming in the morning so they can actually clean!   I had planned to do it this afternoon, but phew, the bike ride down to a local car boot sale seriously tired me out.  Its about a 4 mile round trip, I'm proud I did it, phew I was shattered tho.  Slept for a few hours in the tent this afternoon, with the boy playing with his lego... to wake up to find the lego all over me.. tinker!

Anyhoos, on the way back home, I called in at my friend's house and picked up my errant camera and some cutlery I'd asked her to get me from Ikea!  I should have 12 forks....but I have 3!  Gawd knows where the rest have gone, so I was in serious need of more lol.  I rather suspect when I've asked Rye to clear his plate into the bin he's been dropping the forks in too!

Playing in the sand pit :-) 
Oooh this is the season swap gift I received from MissKing off the GP forum.  Isn't the flower angel beautiful, she is so soft and scrumptious!
Summer crafting session at the home ed group one week.  The kids really enjoyed it.

A better photo of the tent.  Really loving this tent.  I had to get up a lot in the night for the loo, and it was so much easier getting up off the ground because I was able to stand up in the tent, rather than crawl out (hell on my knees) before standing.  There was a quite a bit of condensation on the inside this morning; I woke around dusk, so I just opened up the flaps and then went back to sleep, rather nice to wake to the sun shinning on us.
Inside the tent.  I used the double airbed and my double sleeping bag, which was nice and toasty.  There is room for 2 doubles actually, but Rye wanted to sleep on his Bob the Builder ready bed.  He's getting a bit big for it though, and it had deflated completely by this morning.  So we had lovely snuggles, there's room for him to snuggle in my bag with me, so we fell back asleep all nice and snug.  I did take out extra blankets, and Rye had an extra one as I wasn't sure how warm the ready bed would be, he seemed ok tho and I was fine with just the sleeping bag.  I'm rather looking forwad to the Mercian Gathering in September, should be fun with our new funky tent, and with any luck, the new mat will be lovely and comfy (and apparently much warmer than a airbed).

Right I better get to bed, I need to be up early to straighten the house up, really is a bit of a tip - oops.


Susie said...

Love your tent, it's so funky! I'm also dead impressed that you cycled 4 miles - how great is that! I'm shattered after going across town and back and have just had to pass on our trailer as i decided that Hannah was really too big and heavy for it now (that's my excuse for arriving home half dead from a 20 min ride lol).
Beautiful season swap angel, i feel some felting coming on now i've seen her!
Have a lovely week x

Freedom Three said...

rad colors on that tent! looks like a grand ole' time!