Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Chilled days.

Not many of these usually; Rye and the minded children generally make lots of noise and mess; today however was peaceful, simply because Rye is enjoying a 2 night visit with his dad, and it was just me and one minded child. 

I had planned to take my mindie out, then the heavens opened and wow, the road was like a river in minutes and the front garden flooded and the back one developing impressive large puddles.  So an indoor kind of day, (mindie has no wellies at the mo, so puddle jumping was out).  So out came the playdough, she loves playdough and I spent much of the morning ooh and arrhing over her various makes, and then she made me cake at the play kitchen.... ahhh no calorie cake, lol.  Then we played sorting games, and before I knew it was lunchtime.  She rquested pasta, and despite having had pasta yesterday I decided to indulge her.  She had green pesto today tho, not the red one.

And then nap time, usually she sleeps happily in a large travel cot in Rye's room, but as there were no other children to disturb her, I made her a wee nest on the beanbag in the lounge, popped on some gentle music and sat on the sofa and began a head hugger.  She soon drifted off.

Ahhh so very chilled, sat listening to a cd and crocheting, and soon the headhugger was finished, minus the cord and adding some beads.  Beautiful timing, she woke just as a friend arrived with her children for an afternoon of crafting.  We began with some sand pictures, and then moved on to making spoon dolls.  Such a shame the batteries for my camera are charging because wow, those spoon dolls were something else!

Very Priscilla Queen of the Desert; lots of brightly coloured feathers, googly eyes in the strangest of places and screwed up lime green tissue, pipe cleaners etc.  Hehehehe.  I shall do this craft again with Rye once he's home, it's one he will enjoy immensely; and of course the camera will be charged too.

The children were keen to keep crafting but it was time to tidy up and make tea; jacket potatoes and bean (and left over curry from last night for a couple of them)... and that again kept them occupied, with much noming and telling me it was a very nice tea.  Bless 'em.

Mindie went home at 5:30pm, we tidied up a bit, I popped on a couple episodes of Octonauts and I managed to finish off the head hugger, very pleased with it indeed.  (I'll post photos later), and then suddenly everyone was gone and it's now all peaceful again.  The dishwasher, that most wonderful of kitchen appliances, is doing it's thing, I'm catching up a wee bit..and admiittedly dawdling as I have a frightening amount of laundry to sort ad put away........ before settling down to make myself some wrist warmers to match the headhugger :-)

Ahhh I love days like this.. wonderfully restorative.

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The Barefoot Crofter said...

Lovely times J - your mindees are so lucky to have you all day. xxx