Monday, 17 October 2011

Bobbling away.

A mixed bag of a day.  Woke up with sniffles, but felt ok, just really snotty.  Using the netti pot helped alot and so the morning was spent sorting out the toy/craft shelves while the kids played outside, ran inside, played outside, ran inside, played outside.... you know the deal.  lol.

Afternoon, I popped to Morrisons for a few supplies.  I'm juicing properly again and I need a few items.  Had a bit of a funny turn.  Seems the sniffles are affecting me a bit, felt hot, woozy and suddenly very tired.  Popped to a friend's house, her lovely mister loaded the dishwasher into the van and I came back and plonked myself on the sofa, while the kids did the running in and out thing again.  Read a few stories to them, and then I decided to begin the hat I promised to make a friend's little lad last week.

He'd been looking at a book with hat patterns in and wanted something with bobbles.  I fell back on my 'ole hat pattern of  basically a tube that is sewed at the top to create the hat, and tassles added.  And I added bobbles.  The photos don't really show the bobble that great, but I think, hope the new hat's intended owner will like it.  Rye certainly did, so I suspect I will be making him a similar hat.

I have some of this yarn left, so I may see if there's enough to make some mittens to go with too :-)
But now, I need my bed.  I need to be up early so I can drag the old dishwasher out of it's pit and attempt to manhandle the new one from the van into the kitchen... (I may just ask my nice nieghbour to do the manhandling for me, lol)

toodle pip.

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