Wednesday, 19 October 2011


LOL no idea why my boy is pretending to be asleep by the front door. 

 Since gluing the treehouse together, there has been a lot of play with it, rather than taking it apart and just loosing peices!  Poor Ruby though wasn't having a great time... Rye kept using the crane to pull her up by her hair... poor dolly!


Rose said...

I used to pretend to sleep on the window sill like a cat, till I was too old for that sort of behaviour really! X

nocton4 said...

haha, was he waiting for mail xx

Joxy said...

LOL nope, when I asked him what he as doing, he said, he was sleeping. When I asked why, he said because it was funny. Everything at the moment is "funny".

Ahhh my freaky boy, love him to bits :-)