Friday, 18 November 2011

Blimey, how times flies.

Well, what can I say, it's been a while.  Excuse me while I blow the dust off.  :-)

Life has been consuming; in a good way.  Rye and I have enjoyed much more peaceful communications; although of course there have been the odd fraught moment.  I'm not a mama that does leaping around and silliness in my tiny lounge, very well; the shoulders begin to meet my ears, the stress levels increase and the urge to yell becomes almost irristiable.  So, to counter that we've been out quite a bit; especially as I've had a 3rd child for 2 weeks, from 8am to 6pm Mon to Friday (Thurs excepting).  Three over excited, silliness and leaping around children...... ***shudder***.    Ah yes the maxim to control the environment not the child.  I should really remember this more, attempting to control children never works anyway; leads to tyranny and a hellva lot of shouting.

Vast reduction in sugar made for a very calm and enjoyable letterland meet with a couple other families, the other week.  I left in the evening feeling buoyed up rather than drained and a pounding stress headache threatening.  The introduction of a craft activity after lunch ensured the calmness continued.   The get together was productive, friendly, and enjoyable for everyone!

There have been proud moments, affirming moments where Rye has suprised and delighted me; joining in forest school, going with the group to collect items without me present.  At home drawing more and more detailed people, visiting my brother and having a whale of a time, and bless him, insisting we take a couple of work books and reading books with us.  We were only staying overnight.  Mind, I did discover that the numeracy workbook he has is far too easy for him.  Still he's enjoying it, and if nothing else it reaffirms what he already knows and helps with his confidence and self belief in his abilities.

Trips to the park, to soft play, to friend's houses.
Gentle parenting being predominant.
And in and amongst all the kiddy stuff I've managed to find time for this:
 Finishing off mits to match Rye's hat and scarf - although as you can see I need to redo the bottom mit.. clearly not paying attention because the "thumb" is too far up the mit.  Not sure I'll be able to unpick this either, the Rico Riot chunky, is quite a fluffy yarn and not the easiest to frog. 
 Playing with my own design for a slipper sock.  Need to pick up some insoles to give these a little more insulation from cold floors.   Just need to make the second one now.. and ooops no, I didn't write down what I did either, so I'll be winging it.
Current WIP, actually, it's a finished WIP, just completed this evening.  I shall leave you all wondering though, as I'd rather take photos in the morning of the finished piece, when hopefully the light will be better.  Again, this is my own design - and this time I wrote down what I did.  The colours of the Anchor magic cotton are sublime.  And this is my very first piece of this nature.  Amazing considering the years I've been crocheting.  It's not perfect, the design needs some tweaks, still I'm inordinately pleased with it, and can't wait to show it off properly tomorrow.

The crafting frenzy is on with a vengence; to my shock it's only just over 4 weeks to Yule!  4 weeks!   And this year Rye is making gifts for a few friends and his dad.   I had planned on crocheting a few decorations/snowflakes to sell too; but I'm not going to have time, so I'll stick with making some for us and a few friends.  One of these years I'll be organised!  lol.

Thanks, Becks for checking in on me :-)

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