Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Running Back.

Well, I may have wanted to run away in my last post... but now I'm running back to embrace parenting with open arms :-)

Rye has been at his dad's for 3 days.  Gosh, I've missed him, all the while really needing that break, including an evening with a friend, crochet and natter! 
Rye must have missed me too, because he raced across the front garden and flew into my arms.  He ws so excited to be home.  Somewhat marred by my ex deciding to stick his oar in, after I'd just pulled Rye up for being a bit rude to one of my mindies.  Ex had a go and told him to be nice, and Rye burst into tears and was incredibly resentful.  There was no need for it either, I'd dealt with the matter.  Ex clearly thought he was adding his "weight" to my discipline..but all he did was completely ruin it.  sigh.  Oh well, moving on.

We had a lovely evening, Rye was naturally boisterious - ex had taken him to a fire work display, and Rye did enjoy telling me about that, including the sweets and fish and chips - yet again, that he'd eaten.  Seriously, can't the man think of anything else to feed the boy?  Every time fish and chips!

Moving on, lol.

Today has been a rather successful day.
There has been play at the park with scooters and a ball.
Helping to tidy up toys and clearing aways dishes after snack/lunch.
Circle time - some disruption here and I did have to speak firmly to Rye at one point.  The ideal would be to do Circle Time and for Rye to join in as much or little as he pleases, unfortunately, he's so disrruptive, I do have to rein him in.  There again thinking about it, maybe I need to apply my friend's advice of ignoring his behaviour a bit more and instead concentrating on the other children.  Hmmm, yes I think that might work a bit better. 
Went to Kids Planet, and it was great.  Minor mishap when another parent asked us if the older boy with blond hair belonged to us... unfortunately, Rye had been pushing Bailey around in one of the ride on cars, and accidently knocked a younger child over.  I apologised and had words with Rye to be a bit more careful, while at the same making it clear that actually he's only 4, unfortunately his height means he's often mistaken for being around 6 or 7yrs old.
Stayed till the end at KP, then came home, quick tidy, recyling put out for the binmen in the morning, and then we read some stories, and Rye had a go at reading some of his "Funny Fish" book from the Oxford Learning Tree series.  Bit too tired to really be interested, so I read it mostly and just asked him the odd word....

And then bed.  His own bed; wash, pjs and into bed by 7.30pm, and he could barely keep his eyes open. 

And tomorrow is Letterland Day at our friend's house.  The letter U.  I do have an idea for a U craft; making unicorn horns.  I had thought to use icecream cones, icing and then decorate with sugar glitter... but, obviously these will be eaten, and I'm wanting to avoid sugar............ so dunno, might forgo that, and instead make glitter playdough and ask the kids to make Unicorns?  Or alteratively, square peice of paper curled around to create a cone shape, and they can decorate than as the unicorn horn? 

I was speaking to my friend and we both agreed that we'd like to avoid the sugar binges that some of the Letterland days have turned into; when you've got 11 excited kids in one house... adding sugar to the mix really is daft! lol.


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You're not around lately J? Hope things are well.

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