Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yule Advent Day 10.

Letterland day today, so today has been spent at a friend's house. 
I toyed with the idea of a simple craft session this evening; but after working 15+ hours per day for the past couple of days, I'm frankly tired, and just not in the mood to do more kids stuff.

So Rye has been firmly told this evening is mummy time and no, he cannot race his car noisly on the laminate, throw the cars off the play cooker to clatter on the laminate, he cannot watch a dvd and no I'm not putting music on.  His choice is read books or go to bed.

He is reading books. 

I know I sound mean as hell, but if I put into context, I have been a friend's house m ost of the day, and he has played with lots of other children, he's played with playdough, watched tv, ran around like a loon, played with cars and garages and goodness knows what else.  Today my working day has been just shy of 12 hours; and enough.  I need some quiet time, so instead, we've sat on the sofa, Rye looking at his books, me reading blogs while we munch through some mince pies.

And for today, that will have to do.

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