Friday, 9 December 2011

Yule Advent, Day 11.

Plans changed again for Day 11 of our advent.
This Thursday morning was Forest School.  The weather has been exceptionally kind to us, so far; not so much yesterday.  Lots of rain; although at least it had warmed up a bit, so not quite so miserable.  And it was rather nice sitting in the outdoor classroom protected from the rain, watching it lash across the valley.

The children made christmas decs.  Most of them went rummaging for greenry and what not for making wreaths etc.  Rye did want to go, but he wanted me to go too; and my knees just weren't up for slipping and sliding around muddy paths, so instead we stayed behind and and made a start on decorations.

There were round discs of wood, and using a manual drill, we popped a little hole in the top and then using string, ribbon etc dedcorated the wood.  Rye made a couple of lovely ones.  No photos sadly, we left them deocrating the forest school area.  Rye really, really enjoyed using the drill.  And I was super impressed that the simple potatoe peeler was so effective on Elder branches, which we used to make "pencils".  So simple, cut a little elder, and then use a potatoe peeler to peel some of the bark off - make patterns etc.  A tent peg is perfect for pushing into the middle of the spongy bit of the elder branch to make the hole, in which a bit of willow charcoal can be placed.    Rye thought this was great!

After Forest School Rye invited himself around to a friend's house, and I facilitated her getting a grate etc so she could finally use her fireplace.  Ooooh that was so lovely, sat in front of a fire as the wind and rain lashed agains the windows.  Although it wasn't what I had planned for the afternoon.  Painting clay decorations was on the cards..... although actually I've noticed they are still not completely dry!  Nearly there tho.

Very exciting as Yule draw nearer, the weather gets colder....... ooh snow for Yule would be magical.  Not sure if it's on the cards for the SE though.

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