Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Yule Advent Day 9.

Last minute change to plans. 
Initially I had thought of making a wreath with Rye and C, using some of the greenery etc we found yesterday in the woods.  The downstairs really did need a good sweep, the table in only a day was covered and needed clearing.  The kitchen too was a bit a bombsite.  Add in a friend said she might pop round this afternoon.

So the crafting turned into something I could quickly show the kids and then leave them to it... what they made isn't quite what I had in mind... the image in my mind eye was more refined.....  I think though the children's creations are much more fun!
 Glue, toilet rolls, cotton wool and felt, can only lead to.......
 Snow men!  Isn't he fabulous.  I had been pondering what whether to try and find a way to add a large compacted ball of cotton wool for a head...... I like Rye's solution - just stick cotton wool in and out until the loo roll is completely masked by cotton wool.  

And here he is sittng on the season table.  C had fun making this too, excitedly telling me how she will show her snowmman to her mummy.  After this the kids were asking what they could craft next.  I did briefly consider painting pinecones and glittering them....... but as I'm trying to clean up a bit while they are nicely occupied., that idea was quickly discarded and instead out came the air drying clay.......
I'm not a big fan of this stuff to be honest.  It is remarkably stiff and pretty difficult for little fingers to manipulate, and trying to soften it with water just makes it slimy so when this mama tried to roll out some.... the rolling pin shot across the table and mama nearly went face first into the clay.... much to the amusement of the children.  Humph!

Still we did manage to get it rolled out.  This was a craft that involved more of my input, simply because the clay was so difficult to manipulate,  I ended up rolling each piece of clay out for the kids, so they could use whichever cutters they wanted. 
And here's a few of the cut out shapes.  We went on to make a few more; including some great looking bells.  The kids are keen to paint these; although might have to give C a few to take home to do, just thinking, it is letterland day tomorrow, Thursday she is at nursery and Friday is her nativity play, so I don't think she's with me.  Hmm.
Probably paint and glitter a few with Rye Thursday afternoon, after Forest school.

Following the crafting, there was play with the magna doodle, some odd game that involved kissing each other on their legs, feet, bum etc?  Weird children. And then building large gnome houses from tree blocks and knocking 'em down.  And now the minded children are napping and Rye is watching Curious George.

Time to prepare tea then.

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