Friday, 9 December 2011

Yule Advent Day, 12

And after all that rain and wind yesterday, today has been beautiful, cold, but beautiful sunshine.
Today's activity was a trip out.   A local arts company have created a winter grotto, there is a large map showing the village, and then shelving suspended from the ceiling and on it, lots and lots of little wooden houses that have been decorated.  There's also beautiful snowflakes, and in another room, christmas trees, lights with benches and old films projected onto the walls. 

Rye absolutely loved it; and despite it being a smallish area, we stayed there for a good hour or so.
 We met up with quite a few members of the home ed group too.  And wow, just look at all those houses!

 Rye making his own decorated wooden house.
 And this was Rye's addition.

 There were some fantastically intricate or clever houses too:

 And this is the large map on the floor.  The idea is you find your house and pop a star on it.  Fascinating to look at a map sooooooo large.
 The tree grotto.  Really liked this space, but alas dry ice smoke stuff, makes me feel breathless, so I couldn't stay in here too long.

Such a lovely time, and soooooooo much better than a Santa grotto.  Much more imaginative and fun.  And none of the usual, "have you been good...." nonsense.

Decided not to go to the live nativity in the town centre.  Too cold and mindie is not very well..... and I confessed I chickened out a bit.  I just did not fancy attempting to park and then navigate the town centre, which is bound to be heaving...and I can't imagine Rye would have enjoyed it much either.

Home, Thomas DVD and chocolate brioche.  And in a mo pizza, just need to pop them in the oven to cook :-)


Fiona said...

Wow - that looks amazing, and what a brilliant idea. We did the Santa Grotto thing this year, and to be honest I think it will be the last time. The house things look MUCH better, and I love Rye's addition. Do you know when it is open until? Or have a link to it? I would love to take the girls.

Joxy said...

It was really good! I wasn't entirely sure how appropriate it would be, whether I'd be stressed running afte rrye etc..but no it was great, and the craft table really engaged him. I've never seen so much glitter either!

arwen_tiw said...

Oh wow, how fabulous!