Sunday, 11 December 2011

Yule Advent, Day 13

Yesterday didn't quite work out as I planned.

Saturday mornings I have a minded child until 1.30pm.  So the children played and I took advantage to sit and work on some crochet snowflakes, flat baubles.  I saw this, the pentcle I have saved on my ravelry queue and I've been meaning to knock a few up.  But what actually caught my eye was the use of wrist bangles.  It just hadn't occured to me.  So I've been playing.  I made a large lacy snowflake, which needs blocking.  And a few play around dreamcatcher like ones.  Think I need to look at the instructions becuase my attempts to do it off the hoof, aren't spectacular.

Oooh and more yarn arrived.  Yes more.  However, these are colours that I do need for the gifts I'm making.  I do have quite a stock of cotton yarns, but to my suprise I discovered I'd run out of yellow, which is such an important colour when teaming lots of different colour, it's a colour that will pretty much match up with any other and in doing so it help to calm and reunite all colours.  I also did not have red or a dark green.  How can this be!  So I got some more, and well you know me, I couldn't resist adding a few other colours.

Once mindie left in the afternoon the plan was to paint the clay decorations we made a few days ago, and have taken such a long time to dry out!  Rye had other ideas.  He wants to read and write and is constantly asking to do workbooks/sheets/read his oxford tree reading scheme books, and of course reading eggs.
I gave him the choice, fully expecting him to choose painting, but no, he choose to reading eggs. 

Oooh the hooky time was fabulous, and I would be lying if it wasn't a part of my decision to let allow Rye to decide when he'd had enough.  Naturally, I told myself the website if educational, and it's not like he's on there all the time.. infact weeks and weeks can go by...all true, but honestly I allowed longer than normal play on the computer because I have a lot of preparation for Yule still.

I do find myself warring with myself on this issue though.  I do have rules for screen time.  Rye is allowed to pop on a dvd on a morning if he's up before me, which tends to be only once or twice a week.  He is allowed to watch a dvd on an evening after the minded children have left.   That rule has had to be relaxed a little because a mindie's mum works shifts and for 3 days wasn't picked up until midnight.   Similarly, he can forego dvd and use the tablet; which has a couple of educational games on it, as well angry birds.  He will play angry birds for a bit, and then the educational games.  Laptop time is severely limited because of course I use it, and evening time is when I use it most.

However, as he's so keen on reading and writing and has asked a few times this past week to do reading eggs, I've cleared my desk in my bedroom so Rye can sit up there, (also means laptop stays upstairs..I've had it downstairs a few days and spent far more time online that I would normally!).  I am not happy with him spending hours and hours though.  So I've decided the plan is to set an alarm for 45 min, with a maximum of two 45 mins sessions a day, (and not consectively).

But anyway, as Rye decided to do reading eggs, it meant the plan to give him the Snowman book & cd has been postponed.   

And now I really must get off the computer and get on with Day 14.
Have a super day, whatever you have planned or not planned :-)

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Becky said...

Love the sound of the crochet snowflakes!

Emy was hooked on Reading Eggs in the first couple of months of her using it and wanted to go on it all the time, I had the same worries about her having so much screen time but after a few weeks of wanting to do nothing but go on it, she found other things she wanted to do and her time online got less and less. We are in our second subscription of it now and it gets used a couple of times a week