Sunday, 11 December 2011

Yule Advent Day 14

Eeek not long at all to Yule now, and I'm seriously behind, but all will be well :-)

Today the plan was to make the lounge/playroom look more festive.  So, I rooted out the sticks from our walk in the woods earlier in the week, hooked a festive cover for the jar, and plonked them all, artfully of course, in a jar.
 Very simply cover indeed, this is actually just trebles.  All I've done is spike the green trebles down so it creates that latticed bobble effect, which when done in seasonal red and green is very effective.
And our Yule "tree" aka sticks. The crochet decoration nearest is another bangle decoration.  I rather like how it turned out.  The green one lower down on the opposite side is just weaving the cotton aroudn the bangle and wrapping it around to create a sort of dreamcatcher effect.  We have quite a few clay decorations to paint/glitter to add to the sticks too, and I have some small led lights, which should be perfect for this wee "tree".
And well, paperchains.  Had to be done.  I am very pleased I did not spend money on buying paper chain strips though.  In the end I just cut strips of paper we already have, and I think it looks very lovely.   It did occur to me I could use my spray mount to make the paper tacky and sprinkle glitter over too - but I confess the thought of clearing up glitter for every more has meant that idea...has stayed an idea.
Utter concentration on his face.  We made another paper chain to hang in the window, I'll take photos later, once we've added tomorrow's addition to the window.
"Take a picture of me, Jacqui."
"Because I want you to."  Ok, then good enough reason.

Oooh and remember me mentioning the snow flake around the bangle I designed the other day?  Well I haven't got around to blocking it, and frustratingly I could find any spray starch in the supermarket, so I'll have to waterdown the fabric stiffener and paint it on....being the impatient sort though, I thought I'd show off the snowflake now...
The festive spirit is taking over slowly.

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