Monday, 5 December 2011

Yule Advent, Day 8

Oh what a fabulous morning.  Finally, there is the distinct nip of winter in the air and woollies were definitely called for.

Myself and another family met at Lyminge Forest and had a good tramp around, we saw all manner of fungi; fly agaric, what I think,  having now looked it up, was an amythest deceiver,(which turns out to be edible, didn't know that thought it was inedible) found by my friend, ceps and excitingly bracket fungus!   Also saw an umbo.  And there's lots of white, gills showing fungi too, which look a little like Oyster mushrooms, but I'm certain they aren't those, as Oyster mushrooms are usually more tubular in the stem.  (shh and we didn't get lost this time ;-)  )

 So nice to share the wonders of the woods.  Exploring Elf homes, and C been fascinated by the spikey coverings of sweet chestnuts; the ground was litered with them.
 Checking out the shelters/dens.
 Oooh those waterproof dungarees are wonderful.  Rye could tramp in the mud and deep puddles without me needing to worry about him getting wet and cold.
 "Come in my house."  Rye shaking C's hand as she comes into "his" home.
 C was doing really well on the balance bike, and beginning to cruise with her feet off the ground.
 Oops sat in a big muddy puddle.  Very grateful for Rye's old waterproof dungarees!
 LOL he enjoyed riding his scooter through all the mud.  I rather imagine he'll be in bed early to night!
 Fly agaric.  There were still loads of these in the woods; lots of baby ones emerging from the under growth too.  Maybe it's the witch in me, but I do get so excited when I see these.  lol.
One of the many, many paths through the trees, almost expected the gruffalo to come shuffling along!

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