Sunday, 1 April 2012

From "EEEEK" to "Ahhhhhh"

The housework got a little on top of me last week....
 Add various deliveries, for which I'd not yet cleared space for....... and it was chaos.
Minded child would be dropped off and we'd go out.  The thought of THAT was enough to send me scuttling to various friend's houses, the park, beach.. coupled with a small fortune spent at the garage buying picnic foods!

This weekend was the perfect opportunity to don the gloves, apron and wield the steam cleaner, while Rye is at his dad's.  First the living room, there was an astonishing amount of recycling; plastic, boxes, etc.  It is the main problem of shopping online, there is always loads of packing materials to get rid of!

One of my recent purchases, (bought locally not online), was a Henry vacuum cleaner.  I am pleased.  While sweeping is ok, it never gets completely rid of the dirt, and when I steam clean the floors I end up just pushing dirt around, and pale laminate shows dirt!   It took hours, and hours, but eventually I discovered there is lounge under all the STUFF and rubbish.  Look!

Ahhh much better, I now feel much more relaxed when plonked on the sofa!  Bloody house elves though, not a one in sight!  Damn quick to hide stuff from me, not so quick to help tidy up.  Humph!

The Kitchen I tackled today.  Initially, I didn't think it would take me that long, there wasn't really that much washing up, and once stuff was put away and any rubbish thrown......... hahahaha.  Yeah right, all day!  Ok, there was a great deal of delaying tactics... oooh must write a list of things I need to do tomorrow.   Ooh, I need to just check my emails.  Ooh, I'll just put some laundry on.... Ooh I'll just hang the laundry out.  Ooh I'll just sit down on the bench..just to check it's ok after the winter.  Oooh, I'll just check the weather for the rest of the week..... and on and on.  I am after all the Goddess of Procrastination, as previously mentioned!
The end result, if it was a tortuous process, is worth it and I am looking forward to waking up in the morning with a skip in my step knowing the Lounge and Kitchen of Doom are no longer waiting for me!

Yes, that will do very nicely.

Now, just gotta try and keep the house like that.


Rose said...

Know that feeling well! It's satisfying once done but a bugger to think about huh? I have a pre-holiday deep clean ahead of me this week! Much love x

Joxy said...

It's the never-end-ness of housework. Even when sat smugly enjoying a clean house, there's that little voice reminding me, that come this evening, I'll be cleaning all over again. Gah. lol

Rae said...

bet you felt wonderful once you'd cleared through that lot - well done you! I'm still waiting for motivation to strike. My energy levels are pretty low at the moment. Never mind; they'll be here soon!!