Friday, 4 May 2012

New Bike.

A lazy and busy day in equal measures.
Lazy because I was able to lie in until after 10am this morning because Rye was at his dad's, and then busy once I pried myself from the warmth snuggledom of my bed.  Gosh, I love my bed! 

Veg and meat boxes arrived in preparation for our camping trip next week.
Sorting through clothes.
Shopping for a few bits and bats.
Collecting orders, (bed linen, towels, couple of camping chairs etc)
Picking up mindie.
Collecting a preloved buggy to replace my mullered silvercross. Unfortunately, the lass failed to mention that the menfolk in her home smoke.. the buggy reeks.   I'll give it a good clean and see if it's ok then.
Sorting out tea for minded child.
Unpacking the car
Taking Rye to the park to try out his new bike.........

**smile**  Do you think he likes it?

(Final note.. brrr it's cold tonight, hope it's not so cold when we're camping next week... come on Summer it's May already!)

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sue said...

Wow, Rye looks fab on his new bike, that grin says it all :)