Saturday, 5 May 2012



This morning I had an appointment at my local Halfords store, to have a roofbox fitted and for them to show me how to attach the bike rack.  It took two and half hours because the lad who served me last week did not realise that other fittings were needed.   Those extra fittings were going to cost an extra £100 and odd quid, I was not overly keen.  Thankfully, the new lad I was dealing with, was very competent and realised I could have a slightly different system on the car which wouldn't cost me any more money. 

Excellent, until he realised that the part in the box was not the correct one.  I'll give him his dues though, he bombed through to Dover to get the correct part for me.

So now I have a rather spiffing new roof box!  I just have to find out how tall it makes the car so I can be sure I'm ok with height barriers... any ideas how one does that?

After that I met up with some friends at Folkestone library, upstairs they have an exhibition and a few interactive displays.  Unearthing the dinosaur head occupied the children for hours, and they also made hares (a tiny hare broach was found at the Folkestone Roman Villa dig).  It wasn't a huge exhibition, but still we were there for a few hours and the kids had a grand time :D

 Sentence you'd never expect to say:  "Well, she is whacking G with a femur bone"  LOL
Rye was fascinated with the bones, maybe we'll start looking at human biology, I have quite a few books and ideas for crafts/experiments.

Listening to a fella talking about the Roman Villa dig.

And now we move onto camping trip preparation.
Where I make a list of what I think I'll need, and then when it comes to pack, total disregard it. 

And drat, sudden realisation I forgot to pick up the jerry can from Halfords too.  Pah.
Have to pop over tomorrow and pick it up.

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Fiona said...

So many exciting things happening right now Jacqui!

As for working out the height of your car, you have a couple of options.

1. Take a piece of sting, stand on one end, and hold the other end level with the top of the top box. Measure the length of the string.

2. Do a quick online search for the height of the make and model of your car, then use a tape measure to measure from the roof to the top of the top box. Add the 2 numbers together.

I also just got my first car with a roof rack (it was a ski rack, but same difference really), and used both methods to be doubly sure I wasn't going to have the whole lot pulled off the first time I parked in a height restricted car park!