Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hooky loveliness

Not a great deal of interesting stuff to blog about recently.

I have been crocheting a bit. The Persephone shawl, which has become my forever piece that I work on occasionally;

It is getting quite big now. I can't decide whether to purchase more yarn and make it even bigger, or use it as a scarf; for which it's almost big enough for. I have 2 balls left, but one I will need for the edging.... Decisions decisions.

The other item I'm working on is a rainbow jumper for Rye. My friend, Sarah, over at Carried Family, hand dyed the yarn, it's so pretty:

Ooh, and I received this yarn from one of my clubs:

It is gorgeous, silk and baby camel blend. I have plans for this, which I'll reveal another time.

It's autumn now, so much more crochet will be occurring. Yule makes, baby presents; a few of my friends are expecting soon and I want to make them a blanket each. Baby blankets don't take long to make :-)

I am doing a Christmas fayre with a couple of friends, so I'll be using these;

To make various decorations.

Ahhh I love autumn!

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arwen_tiw said...

Oooh pretty makes! And yay for rainbow jumpers. :)