Monday, 26 November 2012


A dubious beginning; woke up with a sinus headache and feeling pretty yuck, thus motivation was near zero, add in usual British weather, well it wasn't looking good. I had promised Rye swimming, and I knew he was very excited.

So Grudging motivation found, stagger downstairs, gulp down painkillers, get ready while an excited 5yr old leaps about clapping and shouting, "yay! Swimming, I love swimming!" Oblivious to mama's pounding head and the not so kind thoughts of what to do to the exuberant child - gaffer tape featured prominently!

Out to the car, back to collect forgotten parcels, drive to post office in slashing rain. Park up to wails of, "this isn't swimming", last 10 seconds in the ridiculously long queue - it's not even December yet people!! And young child's mantra of "I want to go swimming, swimming, swimming, SWIMMING!!!"

Thank all God's happening by, that the painkillers are beginning to kick in and head hasn't exploded. Phew. Even able to magnanimously accept post office before swimming was a daft idea, and my child isn't just a spoilt brat with an attitude problem.

Proceed to swimming, vindication that my sweet boy is a joy to behold. Excellent progress with swimming, and to much mama whooping, the once water phobic child puts his head under water!!

Home, not even contemplating post office when child is declaring in dramatic voice, "muuum, I'm hunnnnngry". Thoroughly approve of lunch choice- porridge. And then reading hour for Rye, and sit on sofa with hot cuppa and crucially, drink it hot, time for this mama.

Later there may be muffins and monster inc.

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