Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stash part 2

Mostly cotton, some miscellaneous charity shop finds, most is RICO creative design cotton. There is some anchor magic, sublime soya cotton, stylecraft cotton, dish cloth cotton, crochet thread, mirisol cotton/silk blend, left over sari silk ribbon, a few higher end hanks that got mixed up in the trug.
That cotton is getting some use at the moment, from making this stuff:

I am taking commissions for Christmas decorations. Let me know if you'd like anything.
To needing a snowflake change, so I began to hook snowflakes from this book;

I've made the first five so far. I really love the schematics, so much easier than trying to follow written instructions.

Obviously need blocking. Speaking of which, I have some blocking at the moment; lovely and sparkly from the teeny tiny iridescent snowflakes, I sprinkled over each flake.

Would have blocked more, simply don't have enough pins tho.
Right, toodle pip I'm off to bed!
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