Saturday, 1 December 2012

Stupid o' clock.

Is the time I'm writing this.  I am tired, but wired at the same time.  In a 7.5 hours or so, I will be partaking in my first fayre.  It started out as a laugh, a couple of friends who make things for a living, asked if I wanted to share tables with them and sell some of my stuff.

Why not. 

So, I've been making stock up; it started with baubles, which in the end were to fiddly and time consuming; and ended with cute stockings and snow flakes:

And a revelation, I enjoy making to sell, in the past I was worried it would make crochet feel like a chore.  So, I fired up a page I created ages ago but never used; and thus Hooky Delights has been born, and a few orders taken.   And it looks like I'll be taking on a huge commission, a kingsize granny stripe blanket.  Exciting :D 

Fermenting away is a wee project that I've sorta started, that actually, if it pans out, would be rather cool and maybe a little different.  I've also been experimenting with crochet decorations for dreads too.  I'll hopefully unveil my creations in the New Year.

In between this bevvy of industry, is the usual day to day activities for Rye; swimming, street dance, visiting friends, baking:
It has been a great week; Rye is progressing in swimming fabulously.  He's now confident on his back, is going under the water confidently; amazing the amount of progress he's made in 3 short weeks!
  His reading is coming along nicely too.  He is a strange lad, he seems to grasp more complex/abstract conceptions quicker and easier than easy ones.  For example, in his reading, he's progressing well with reading phonically, and beginning to sound out words... yet he struggles with accepting that "a" is a word on it's own and is simply, "a".     Maths, he struggled with remembering what "plus" meant.. yet he's now telling me 5+5 makes 10 without even thinking about it.  At swimming he told me 1+6=7 again without thinking about it.  Excellent of course, if he can know this simple sums so easily it will make maths easier later.

Street Dance is now an enjoyed activitiy, for a wee while I did wonder if he would ask to stop; but nope, he's enjoying it now, and often dances at home.  Perhaps not the most rhythmic or graceful of dancers; he is certainly entertaining!

The buns, or cupcakes as they seem to be more commonly known in the South, are his secret santa gift.  On Tuesday we had a Nordic Winter theme hall meet; Finnish food, glogg, moomins, winter crafts... it was great fun.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

And now, I think I will retire and try and catch a few hours kip before the fayre.


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