Sunday, 2 December 2012

Yule Countdown.

Slightly delayed because I was hooking a storm for a craft fayre, that turned out to be a great big wet floppy nothingness.  Made one sale, 2 flakes and a stocking, which was lovely, and we did each receive lovely compliments regarding our crafts (I was with two friends, one knits, the other sews), and we had a good laugh.  Nonetheless a disappointing first fayre; all the stall holders were unhappy, it was poorly advertised and over 3 floors!!  And yes we were on the 3rd floor; I think we saw maybe 30 people in 5 hours :-(

Moving on.

Yule tree is up and looking very pretty.

Rye had great fun helping me to decorate the tree.  And is terribly excited now; wouldn't surprise me if he wee'd himself just a little!  Ahhh I am getting in the festive spirit too, it was lovely picking my friend up yesterday.  She lives out in the sticks, and driving out there yesterday morning, the fields were white with frost, it was gorgeous.  Rye was very excited, he thought it was snow.  Told him that the Winter King had been and commanded Jack Frost to begin Winter.   This naturally has led to lots of chatter of snow, presents, yule, and christmas.

Oooh and on Hooky Delights I will be revealing the Giveaway gift and winner :D  So keep an eye out.

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arwen_tiw said...

Pretty shiny tree, Joxy! :)