Friday, 11 January 2013

Juice, illness and park.

It's been a quiet few days.

I have been juicing, and for few days I always feel a little wiped out as my body adjusts. 
We did go horse riding on Wednesday, which Rye loved, but after a fairly long period of not really seeing our friends, he was a bit shy - well until he started playing with G, while he waited for his lesson.
Thursday I had planned for us to go to a friend's house, alas Rye woke up with a temperature.  With all the nasty bugs this winter, I didn't want to risk our friends, so we stayed home.

Poor Rye, he slept alot, drank some juice and a little toast but that's it.  Cried at one point that his whole body ached - to which my heart sank, but late in the night his temperature broke and he perked up (around midnight..blah! lol)  Thankfully, he did settle down to sleep ok, but then woke up a bit disorientated, so he ended up in with me.

All fine this morning, and as soon as the clouds cleared a bit and blue sky peaked out and the sun, I was getting cute "Pleassssssse can we go to the park?  Pleasssssse".  So wrapped up well, as it's really turned cold, even without knowing the local forecast, it wouldn't be hard to guess that snow is a possibility if it remains this cold.  And down to the park we went :-)

Really enjoyed the wander round the Park.  I think Rye must still be suffering a bit after affects of his illness, as he kept coming back for a sit down and a drink.

Beautiful sunset too:

I've been rather preoccupied with my free from project too, which is progressing nicely, I hope to have it finished after the weekend.

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