Thursday, 24 October 2013

Life in a Co-op

We are both loving it.  Rye is happy as larry and interestingly some behaviours that annoyed the bejeebers out of me have disappeared.  He isn't tattle telling, in fact I've not really noticed any of the children tattle telling - sure they seek an adult if one is hurt or sad, in the main though the kids are remarkably good at solving their own issues with each other.  Our relationship is so much better too, I'm more patient and more willing to grant requests - in part because we aren't squished in a tiny house, so his noisy play doesn't hurt my ears and cause my shoulders to haunch in protest.  When he talks to me and asks questions, because I've not be subjected to litany of questions, many inane or nonsensical, all day, I am more able to answer his questions.   He seems to be doing a lot less crash/bang type of play too.  There's some, but it's not the constant, dropping of cars off shelves, smashing them together, the screeching that use to so drive me up the wall.

Communal evening meal is wonderful - cooking for and being cooked for is equally lovely.  I feel so much better for some proper food too - after all the takeaways we ate during the packing process - I think I will be happy never to see a kebab again!  (Though pickled chillies were yummy!)

My housemates are lovely, and I'm learning so much so too, the compassion and fervor these people have for social change is uplifting and heart warming, and it's equally great to witness their successes and to plan my own involvement.  Such an exciting time.

Anyhoos the mundane, a few piccies - yes I'm still unpacking.. it's a leisurely affair ;-)
 Part of my lounge, it is a good sized room, with phenomenally high ceilings.  It won't be staying blue, I'm thinking the chimney breast probably purple and the rest a cream to lighten the room up, and once the room is cleared of boxes etc, I'll move a few bits around to make it more snug and cosy.

Yarn stash, well a part of it, since this was taken I've put a lot more on the shelves :-)  I've yet to find the odd and sods box and my thread cottons.
My bedroom, this room needs the most work.  The far wall had a sink unit, and the removal of it has left a fairly large hole in the wall that I need to fix.  Then once I've prepared the walls, I will paint.  Not sure what colour yet.  Something warm and cosy.  And yes that's half a window.  The other half is in Rye's room, a very weird partition.
Rye's room, his is a big room, the photo doesn't show the large pile of boxes and chest of drawers.. once I've emptied the boxes and sorted his room, he's going to have a lot of space to play in :-)

Despite the lounge been overrun by boxes again after I went searching for kitchen stuff,  I plan to sort Rye's room a bit more and get more of his toys out and set up his table and chairs.  He spent some time in one of my housemate's flat, colouring and drawing, he produced this beautifully rainbow coloured dragon

So definitely a priority to get his art and crafts things out and set up for him in his room.

Right must dash.

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