Monday, 13 July 2009

Moochy Monday.

We woke to banging of the delivery man for our veg box. I was really stoked to see the oranges had been replaced with ruhbarb. So crumble later in the week for us :-)

Food wise it's been really nice today. We had brunch of organic apple, fair trade bananas, greek yoghurt with a smattering of cereal and then for tea we had organic sweet potatoe (picked up from the supermarket last week) and to go with it I made coleslaw from the cabbage and carrot in the veg box. Ever so tasty and Rye seemed to enjoy it too. Then he had another banana mashed into greek yoghurt.

For ages I thought I was still hungry, even though I had a large sweet potatoe and really piled on the slaw; then I realised that actually I am full it's just I don't feel bloated. I think Ineed to look at cutting down on stodge and bread, it does make me feel so lethargic and horribly bloated.

Rye's had fun playing in the garden and then indoors to do some drawing and requested I read many, many books to him. I had to call a halt in the end before I had story overload lol. Besides Dr Sesus's tongue twisters were starting to give me a dry mouth.

We also popped to the library (I also needed some mayo for the coleslaw and wasn't in the mood to make it myself), and picked upa host of books that I'd reserved, one being the Idle Parent, the others are pagany books mainly around the Northern traditions. I was planning to pick up Rye some different dvds but I didn't have enough after I paid for the mayo and a bottle of squash and the reservation fee for the books. I could have drawn out more money but I'm trying to limit what I spend.

Yep, read that book on the lady who lived ona pound a day for a year. It wasn't quite as practical as I hoped; but I have resolved to keep a better eye out for free events - although, unlike the author, not really for the free booze or coffee as I'm not that fussed about either. I was impressed by her hitchhiking adventures but it's not something I'd feel happy to do with a 2 year old. The book did remind me of how much I spend on stuff I really don't need. Going down to the beach with Rye can be costly; there's the carparking fee, and often I end up stopping at Morrisons to pick up a picnic and drinks because its a last minute thing and it would take too long to make something myself. So, some times I easily spend a tenner or more. I've resolved to take the bus in future. The carparking costs £1 per hour, so it works out really expensive, whereas a day return is £2.40. As for the food and drink, well I just need to plan a bit more in advance and really, it only takes 20 minutes top to make a pasta salad.

Plus for the next four weeks I'll be getting a weekly veg box to take advantage of Abel and Cole's offer of £50 credit if I spend £15 or more each week for four weeks. The offer wasn't clear though, so when I called them up to ask why the code wasn't working they nonetheless agreed to put it on for me, even though it's suppose to be only for first time users.

Living on a pound isn't practical for my circumstances; but I can most certainly reduce outgoings a little.

Ohhh and my tomatoe plants have wee little tomatoes on them - so exciting!


Naomi said...

We had two little tomatoes as well... until Tristan presented me with a tiny green tomato the other day! Ah well, hopefully he'll get the idea they're not for picking yet.

What you said about eating stodge/feeling full really rang a bell with me, I think sometimes when I think I'm still hungry, it's because I'm not bloated. Will have to keep an eye on that.

I do the same with impromptu picnics and always wish I'd just planned better and saved my money too! xxxxxxxx

Joxy said...

Yeah, those impromptu picnics can cost me a small fortune, particularly if I get suckered into buying a ton of stuff from the "whoops" shelf because it seems a bargain.

I can't wait for the butternut squash to start growing it's "fruit", it is certainly getting big, next year I think it can have a pot all to it' self.

Pink Faery said...

We used to get a veg box from Kent produce but it got a bit pricey. I'm very tempted to take advantage of that offer from Abel Cole though, when we have a bit more cash :) (It's Laura from KP btw, found your blog on ravelry!)

Joxy said...

Hey up hon :-)
Soon as I saw the username I knew it was you lol.

The A&C offer only runs till the end of July I think, i.e. you have to make an order before the end of July - not order 4 boxes before the end of.. lol.