Friday, 16 July 2010

A few more bits and bobs.

The other bits and bobs we've done are; go for a walk along Folkestone Harbour with Racheal and her beautiful daughter from the Green Parent forum, along with her sister and the dog, of which Rye took a fondness for.  He is still talking about the dog - sorry Rachael alas, the dog made the greater impression with him, lol.  Typical though, the weather was spitting a wee bit as we walked - then after they left it brightened up and was blue skies and sunshine  That was Wednesday - oh and Wednesday evening I went to the Dover Moot, and when I arrived home I discovered the babysitter had got Rye into bed.. in his own bedroom and he slept in there all night without waking.

Thursday we went to toddler group, learned there's loads of free fun things happening during the summer holidays and then afterwards we went to Brockhill Park to meet up with the Home Ed group.
On our way to toddler group - this is Rye trying to still the wind in the tree outside the house.
The farm next to Brockhill Country Park.  Rye kept insisting the sheep were cows, hmm.
An icecream before the kind Taxi Driver picked us up and was suppose to drop us off at the train station, and instead took us all the way home for a mere £3.60, (well, I gave him a fiver)  

Thoroughly enjoyed Brockhill Park with the Home Ed group, barely saw Rye he was so busy having fun.  And the next round of photos are snaps of the bird house that Rye painted this afternoon, plus his other couple of paintings he did afterwards too :-)  Gosh, he had fun.
The finished masterpiece.  I suggested to Rye that he ought to keep the colours seperate rather than mixing them all together into one sludge colour.  :-)  So nice to see a colourful piece. 
And then he went on to paint a printout of a dog from the Enchanted Learning site:
He was starting to use the paint brush too, rather than just scrubbing it across the page.  So I may invest in a few quality paintbrushes for him now.
A well coloured in dog - but I was pleased to see he had kept the colours seperate.
And then to my delight a "proper" painting.  Up to now Rye has played with colour and texture of the paints, he's not really "drawn" anything in paint.  The red squiggle in the middles with lines coming off it is a spider, surroundered by little spiders, his latest obsession.


mel said...

*giggle* a *nude* painting? rofl!! - my Sebastian used to have a fondness for painting in the buff as

I think any bird would be delighted to have such a jazzy house to live in....

lovely pics!!

Joxy said...

Hehehe, yes, somewhere along the line he got completely undressed. The bird house got jazzed up even more with stickers this morning. :-) Mind, I'm not sure what he's done with it.. Ithink it's in the sandpit.